Giora Levi | Chairman

Giora has 20 years’ experience in executive management for global companies: SuperDimension, Ness Technologies Commil and Comverse. In his last position, he served as CEO of a group of companies that included Alvarion Technologies and Mobile Tornado, a public company listed on LSE’s AIM.

Giora has a BA in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University, and is a graduate of the INSEAD Global Executives Leadership program. He was retired from a top elite special forces unit of the IDF with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (regular, career and reserve).

For the last ten years, Boris served in the highest management positions, leading various projects and specializing in government tenders. His last position was the CEO of a large management consulting firm.

To challenge himself to get out of his comfort zone, he has decided to make a professional change and experience the advanced technology industry.

Boris holds an MBA from Peres Academic Center and a B.A in Economics & Human Services from University of Haifa.


Boris Giladi | Head Of Business


Moshe Sahlom | CFO

Moshe has 20 years’ experience specializing in financial management, in global public companies listed on Nasdaq and in Israel (Optibase, Liveperson). In his last position, he served as CFO and Deputy CEO of Alvarion Technologies and CFO of M.T. Labs Ltd.

Moshe holds a BA in Business Administration, with a specialization in accounting, from the College of Management, and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Has over a decade of experience in Administration Management in the third and business sectors.
Graduated with high honors a B.A in Economics and Business Administration from Ariel University and holds an MBA with specialization in Organizational Behavior from Bar Ilan University.

Since joining NEAT in 2017, contributes professionalism, efficiency and joy of life to the firm.


 Hagit Kaploun | Administration
 and Office Manager


Nitzan holds a Bachelor's degree with Excellence in Business Administration awarded by the Carmel Academic School, with specialization in Human Resources.

Prior to her studies, the first executive senior position held by Nitzan was Co-Manager and Partner at Sydney Business Accounting, an Australian boutique accounting firm.

As a co-manager and partner of SBA, Nitzan established and managed the firm's collaboration and networking activities. Since 2009, Nitzan has held different positions at NEAT, the main focus of which is marketing, business development and HR. In 2018 Nitzan became General Manager of NEAT Applied Technologies Inc.


Nitzan Treystman Skuza | CEO B.B.A

Over 40 years of experience in R&D with diverse fields  - Robotics, Medical, Industrial, Consumer, Security, Wireless, Control and Testing Systems.

Based on his experience, system view, creativity and management skills, Mr. Treystman has found his own Engineering & Development company, and runs it through the past 15 years.


Alex Treystman | Founder & CTO 

Jesus has 20 years experience in the high tech business.
As a life long learner, Jesus is always eager to face new technological challenges. His creative state of mind is able to bring innovative approaches which fill product's gaps and open new markets.
Jesus hols a B.Eng. in Computer Science from University of Valladolid.


 Jesús Alonso | Business Development Director Europe