Insulog add-on device detects & monitors the time passed since the last insulin injection & the injection dosage used. The device incorporates wireless communication & transmits the data to a mobile phone 

Client: Insulog

Insulog add-on device

Automated water-leak monitoring system

AQS-SYS is a complete and comprehensive continuous monitoring leak detection system that has changed the leak detection industry and asset management. By doing continuous correlation the system informs you with certainty when a leak is starting to develop, giving you its exact position, long before the collateral damage erupts. AQS is based on correlating sensors that integrate 3G/4G cellular communication, GPS synchronization and cloud-based automatic signal processing. One can observe his water system through the AQS-SYS web interface at any time and make one’s own analysis of the leak map/GIS. 

Client: Aquarius Spectrum



A home-use aesthetic treatment  (RF, ELP, LLLT) & measurement  (Elasticity, Sebum, Hydration) device.
Includes mobile app which provides real time feedback.

Client: ESI-Novel

JOLI 360


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