The OBI-1 is a disposable wearable injector, compatible with biologics and other drugs requiring bolus subcutaneous administration.

Client: Elcam

OBI-1 Wearable Injector


Insulog add-on device

Insulog add-on device detects & monitors the time passed since the last insulin injection & the injection dosage used. The device incorporates wireless communication & transmits the data to a mobile phone.

Client: Insulog

An easy, accurate & accessible pressure regulation of airway cuffs in all conditions.

Client: Hospitech

AnapnoGuard Cuffill

A tiny insulin pump that allows people with diabetes to deliver insulin discreetly without tubing or injections.

Client: Medingo

Solo MicroPump

FlowMed developed a robotic system that facilitates a nonstop, regulated, flow of medical solutions (continuous irrigation) for surgeries that require a continuous flow of solution throughout the surgery.

Client: Flowmed

Irrigation Robotic System

IoT-based skin rejuvenation solution.
JÓLI360 device combines multiple capabilities; three for treatments (LLLT, RF & ELP) and three for measurements (Hydration, Elasticity & Sebum).
The operating system works with touch screen tablets, enabling end-to-end customer management, analysis and control.

Client: ESI-Novel

JOLI 360

The AnapnoGuard AG100s Control Unit serves as an integrated, multi-purpose airway management system, highly effective in protecting the lungs infections & tissue injury. Provide better outcomes for mechanically ventilated & intubated patients.

Client: Hospitech

AnapnoGuard AG100s Control Unit